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Here are some mighty high variance games that make winning at slots one of the most thrilling experiences gamblers can have online. These high volatility slots don’t have progressive jackpots, but they allow you to win big on any spin, whether from high value symbols, to multiplying free spins rounds, or huge cash prizes. These are not for the faint of heart, and beginners should beware; only the patient will conquer the best of these big win slots games.

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Why play slots with big wins and high volatility?

There are many types of slots players.

There are those who like to play for hours on games that are low variance, where the action keeps on coming fast and thick, producing lots of little wins. For that, you should check out some of the Quickspin Games on LeoVegas.

And then there's us. The ones reading this big win slots page. We are the casino players who like the chase, and the thrill, that comes with hunting down those big five of a kind winning combinations, but have the patience, budget, and temperament to wait.

What do we mean by temperament? That means both the hopeful optimism that shouts that only a really big life-changing win on slots will do, but also the good nature to know when we are defeated, and try again another day.

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Best High Paying Slots

Our favourite slots that give you that big win potential either online or on mobile:

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