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High Limit Slots Online & Mobile

We’ve the best of the high limit slots online and on mobile. Pick from all your favourite video slots, all with a slot max bet higher than 100 per spin. Only thing left is finding out at which high limit casino sites you can play them at… all in each slot review.

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Play Big Max Bet Slots Online at High Limit Casinos

Start playing at some of the best casino sites online. With plenty of big better slot games to choose from and high slots bonuses, we know you'll find one to your liking.

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Are high limit slot wins worth chasing?

Anyone's whose been around the online casino gambling scene a while knows the old saying "you've got to play big to win big".

Whilst this isn't always the case, it stands that the higher you bet, the more you could potentially win. It's the reason why many people who can afford to, like the thrills that come with high bet slots.

Whilst the definition of what constitutes a high limit slot machine changes person to person, we've put a limit where you can bet over 100 real money per spin on.

Why? Because it includes all types of big betters. Most video slots that go to at least 100 a spin will equally let you spin at 10 or 50 (if that's your version of high limit video slots), but is also high enough to please most.

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High Limit Games

Most casino software providers create high limit casino games for one purpose only: to create big winners. Only the very brave who aim for the stars need to apply.

Bigger Bonuses

High rollers get special attention at casinos, and if you are looking to bet big and deposit big then it's worth while contacting their support to get the extra TLC.

It Pays to Play

Some online slot machines give you better odds the higher you bet, from jackpots that trigger more easily, to paying out more often. It's a definite advantage over those with smaller wallets.

All Slots for All Types

Don't think that just because you like to bet big it means you only get one type of casino slot. There's a game for every type, from quick spins and wins, to slow and steady win builders.

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