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Thinking Bigger, Aiming Higher

We may be new, but we have the experience to pass on and the knowledge to know what’s best.

We have set our goals high to bring you only the best of the best, the biggest of the biggest and the most reputable gambling sites on the net. With mobile and online gambling even more popular now than ever before and with so many scam casinos out there, it’s sometimes hard to filter through the crap to get to the good.

Here at we do the hard work for you. Sumo Sid and his merry band of Sumosapiens search out casinos online that give you the VIP treatment, slot machines that payout big and casino bonus offers to give you more for your hard earned cash.

Play for the fun of the game, the thrills and excitement

If you play for the win you might just end up losing it all. That’s what makes the difference between a true gambler and one that aims to win big. Luck favours those who need it, dumb luck favours those who are unlucky and fortune favours the brave.

 Slots, Casinos & Bonuses for Serious Gamblers
SlotSumo gives you Slots, Casinos & Bonuses for Serious Gamblers

More than another slots site

It’s what makes us stand out from the crowd. We don’t push slots and games that don’t meet our standards, we don’t push casinos that don’t look after your money and we don’t make it all up. Everything you read is based on our years of experience in the casino industry.

Best online casinos

We only showcase those that we trust. Casinos that offer great choices of games from top software providers, loyalty programs, fast cashouts and customer service. These slots sites are top notch.

The best slots games

We hand pick each slot review that you find here. One's that don't just give you big jackpot prizes but those that deserve recognition but might not be a popular choice for many.

Great support

If you play at casino sites that offer knowledgable support staff and are available when you need them you feel safer and can trust your money will be too,no matter when you play.

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Striving for excellence

No body is perfect and might not be yet, but you can be assured that we will forever be trying to better the site which you see before you today. It's an ever changing landscape of games and casinos out there and that's a good thing not only for us but for you too.

It means you'll be able to get more for you money, more entertainment value and stay a head of the game. It's good to try new things and we thank you for choosing to visit us and we hope you'll stick with us on this adventure.

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