Why Cookies?

What are cookies?

Unfamiliar with cookies on the internet? Well here we will let you know what they are and how we use them on So without further ado, what are cookies?

A cookie can be defined as:

A small text file containing usually text and anonymous information in order to help maintain a user experience for the user

Pretty simple but what does that mean when you visit us on this site?

Why we use cookies

What does this mean here at SlotSumo? Well we like to make your browsing experience as quick as possible, to let you get to the information you are looking for without any fuss. This means faster page loading speeds, helpful hints and other various wonderful things.

But that’s not all. We use analytics to get an insight into how people interact and use the site whether on mobile or on desktop. This means we can keep on improving, making the site better, deliver the content you want and hide away things you are not interested in. And if in case you were wondering it’s all anonymous. We don’t know who you are, where you live or the name of your dog just which pages you like to read and a little more.

Cookies from Third Parties

We sometimes might post content from other sites that we think you will be interested in. That means a video here a a video there and a bit of social media so you can share our great content quicker and easier with your friends and the world. But what does this have to do with cookies? Well those pieces of content might use cookies too. If you want to find out more about how they use cookies then we suggest you take a look at the respective sites cookie policy as we are not responsible for them, they are.

You’re Welcome to Stick Around

We hope you have enjoyed our brief look in to how we use cookies on

If you are still wanting to find out about some of the best slots online or read reviews about the top casinos to play at we welcome you to stick around a while and read to your hearts content.

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