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Best Online Slot Tournaments

Add some extra excitement in to playing slot machines and check out our list of where to play the best casino slot tournaments online, phone and tablet.

Find A Slot Tournament That Suits You

Slot tournaments have been around for years at some well established casino sites online, but recently we’ve seen a real influx of quick tournaments and great prizes to be won including real money and free spins.

And that’s what you can find here. Only the best casino slot tournaments and the best online gambling sites to find them at. No matter if you like to play on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet there’s something here for you to play on every day.

We delve in to each one to tell you the types of tournaments you will find, what you can win, how to win and why you should give them a go today.

Here’s a quick list that will take you straight to the casinos or you can read on for more detail:

So if you’re a fan of playing some of the best online slots and want to win real money and free spins then you’ll like what’s on offer below.

Rizk Races Every 30 Minutes and Two Main Races Each Day

Rizk casino has to be one of our favourite betting sites. It provides you with real rewards the moment you sign up to their site via their Wheel of Rizk giving you anything from 10 free spins up to £€25 in wager free cash.

Rizk Casino Rizk Race Main Race & Upcoming
Rizk Casino Rizk Race Main Race & Upcoming

But the introduction of their new and improved Rizk Race tournaments is what will give those looking for some fair and fun thrills an added air of excitement to their slots play.

Win free spins prizes every 30 minutes

They offer you 25 minute tournaments every 30 minutes through out the day with prizes ranging from free spins and super spins to free money for between 5 and 10 players.

These are free to enter tournaments, which you will have to head over to their Rizk Races page and join before they start in order to play on them.

But what makes these super quick tournaments special is the fact that you get their whole range of Video Slots to play on and aren’t restricted to just one.

Which, the smart ones of you out there might think could be a little disadvantageous to those with smaller budgets? You, however, would be wrong. Their points system gives small budget, big budget, low variance and high variance players the same chance at winning.

Especially as they limit the number of spins you can play in order to get the maximum number of points you can rather than it just being subject to the time limit.

Here’s the tournament points breakdown:

  • Every win = 10 points
  • 3 wins in a row = 30 points
  • 3 losses in a row = 40 points
  • Big wins over 10x your original bet = 300 points

All the Rizk free spins you win come with no wagering, so anything you win from spinning them are yours to keep or cash out, making them very tempting indeed.

And then there’s the two Main Races which occur at 18:00 and 20:00 GMT every single day, 7 days a week.

2 Main Events Let You Win Real Money

Every day at 18:00 and 20:00 GMT you’ll be able to join and take part in the real money main Rizk Races that offer you the chance to win up to £€$500 on the first and up to £€$1,000 in the second.

These do differ slightly in format to the 25 minute tournaments, for one they last 55 minutes and you will only be able to play on the qualifying tournament game selected by Rizk Casino.

But what’s good is the fact that you get to see the game, the minimum bet limit, time frame, how many spins you have and the full list of prizes on offer that you can win.

Read our Rizk casino review and find out more about one of the best tournament casinos around.

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Play Casumo Reel Races 24/7

Casumo casino were one of the first mobile and online casino sites to offer their players the chance to play free tournaments for real money every 30 minutes.

Example Casumo Casino Reel Race Ready To Join
Example Casumo Casino Reel Race Ready To Join

Their concept has, as you can see above been adopted by Rizk casino who have changed it and made it their own. That’s not to say Casumo Reel Races aren’t worth a spin cause if you like your tournaments and a challenge then their 20 minute tourney’s give you the chance to win hundreds of prizes a day.

Win free bonus spins every 30 minutes

One thing you might have noticed is that these Casumo Reel Race tournaments only have a duration of 20 minutes that’s 5 minutes less than the Rizk ones. However, the same principles apply.

You’ll be able to see the duration, the minimum bet and the amount of spins you have to get the most amount of points possible in order to progress up the leaderboard to those top prizes.

Here though the points system is all about the amount and size of the wins you get, but that’s cause you don’t get to choose the slots you play, Casumo do that in order to level the playing field slightly.

So you basically get:

  • 2 Points for a Normal Win
  • 15 Points for a Big Win
  • 5 Points for 3 wins in a row
  • 35 Points for 2 Big Wins in a row (15x bet+)
  • 100 Points for a Mega Win (30x bet+)

A big win is anything greater than 15x your original bet, due to the fact that it’s X times your bet rather than over a certain amount in cash makes it fair for those with small and big budgets.

And then there’s the nightly Main Events.

Casumo Main Events where you can win real cash prizes

On top of these 20 minute tournament every 30 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week, there is a special tournament that occurs every day at the same time of 20:00 CET or 19:00 GMT if you will.

Here you usually get to win up to £€1,000 in real money whilst playing on their Main Events which last 50 minutes and give you a larger amount of spins to complete.

But watch out for their even bigger promoted Reel Races every week which give you the opportunity to win bigger up to £€2,000 on some of great Play’n GO, NetEnt and other casino slot games.

This quirky, adventurous casino have made it their mission to crush boredom and these free to enter slot tournaments certainly do that.

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Videoslots Online Battle of Slots Tournaments

If you’re a fan of playing on slot machines, then Videoslots casino are the place to play. With over 2000 slots to play on from over 30 different providers they give you one of, if not the biggest choice of casino games to bet on.

Videoslots Casino Battle Of Slots List & Current Tourney
Videoslots Casino Battle Of Slots List & Current Tourney

And when it comes to their aptly named Battle of Slots they also have one of the most comprehensive collections of tournaments too.

You can choose between:

  • Freerolls: Which are free tournaments to enter and reward you for with a whole load of free spins.
  • Added Prizes: Where extra money will be added to the prize pool by Videoslots
  • Sit & GO: this type of tournament will only start when the required number of players have joined
  • Jackpot Chase: You join other players to hunt down the slot jackpot where in some cases the prize will be shared equally among all who’ve entered.
  • Guaranteed Battle: These are tourney’s with guaranteed prize pools that will be paid out.

All bar the freerolls will incur some sort of buy in to play ranging from £€$1 to £€$100 and the prize you can win is reflective of the price of the buy in.

A little complicated but still worth a spin

Once you get your head around the different types of battles in the Videoslots battle lobby, it is pretty much like any other tournament you’ll find out there on other casinos.

By clicking on one of the upcoming tournaments you’ll be able to see when the event starts, the maximum number of players, the minimum number of players required, how much to buy-in, the prize pool, the duration, number of spins and the amounts you’re allowed to bet.

It’s all clearly there in front of you. You will have to register to a tournament before it starts in order to be able to enter, and if you’re unsure of anything you can always read their comprehensive list of FAQs, or ask their helpful customer support staff which will be happy to answer any queries you have.

Unfortunately these aren’t available as mobile slot tournaments just yet, so if you enjoy playing slots on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows devices then you’ll better off checking out either Rizk or Casumo above.

If you love playing online via desktop site then head over to Videoslots and check out their Battles which run 24 hours a day 7 days a week letting you test your slots skills whenever you have the urge to spin.

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3 Vera&John Slot Tournaments every week

If you’re more of a casual tournament player that enjoys playing tournaments at a slower pace then Vera&John casino online is the site to head to.

Vera & John Online Casino Tournament Details
Vera & John Online Casino Tournament Details

Their tournaments last between 2 and 3 days and vary in terms of how to win, how many players win prizes and the games you can play on.

The schedule of tournaments from our experience seems to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 CET. So be sure to head over their tournaments page which can easily be found via the menu online and on mobile for the latest games to play on.

In the meantime here’s the different ways you can expect to win.

The games to play on and prize pool

Each tournament will have a different selection of games. Usually you’ll be able to play on the mobile and online version of at least two slots and these tend to show case not only the latest slot releases from their wide range of providers but also some old favourites in their collection.

And the slots you can expect to play on will be also usually be similar in style and features based around some sort of theme.

Then there’s the prize pools, these differ from £€1,000 up to £€1,500 with some special occasions throughout the year raising the prize amounts to be shared among around 25 to 50 players upwards of £€2,000.

You’ll be able to see all the specifics for the current free tournament before you join in and start spinning. Just note anything you win from the tournaments will be subject to wagering requirements.

How to win a slot tournament at Vera&John

There are around three ways you can win and each way depends on the tournament you enter.

  • Win by most game spins during a time period
  • Win by best equalised payout over x amount of consecutive spins
  • Get the most amount of points based on wagers in time period

The first and second are the ones that will appeal to those with bigger casino budgets and those with more disposable income as there is no limit to how much you can spend trying to spin the most amount of spins and the most amount of wagers.

The second however is a lot fairer and levels the board a little as no matter how many spins above the minimum needed you take only your best X amount of consecutive wins will be taken in to account.

So you could spin 25, 100, or 1000 and win by only spinning the first 25.

These might not be as frequent, as detailed or have as big cash prize wins as some other casino tournaments above but they are still fun to play especially as Vera&John is one of the best and most rewarding casino sites around.

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