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Grid slots aren’t your usual video slot, often coming with an equal number of rows to reels; these games offer cluster pays wins and can often feature many bonus games, winning boosts and cascading wins. Take a look at our list of grid game reviews and find the best casinos to play each one.

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Best Casinos to Play Grid Slots for Real Money

There are only a few providers that offer grid slots to play online, but that's ok cause these are popular ones like Play'n GO, NetEnt, Red Tiger and Push Gaming and you can play all at our top choice of casinos.

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What are Grid slot games?

Everyone has a different idea of what a grid based slot machine is. For us it often contains cluster pays where you get a winning combination of symbols when x amount touch horizontally and or vertically. Also the reels don't spin like a regular video slot, but instead new symbols drop down from above when you press the spin button. They also but not always can contain cascading or avalanching wins which help increase your wins and can help trigger bonus features.

Much like Megaways slots not every grid casino game is the same, each provider puts their own twist and style into their games, often blending game mechanics, adding more bonus symbols and features to try and make them stand out from the rest of the real money slots online.

What they are though is a great new type of slot machine that offer fast paced action thanks to the cluster wins and often the chance to win big cash prizes on every spin.

Cluster wins

Not every game that has cluster pays is a grid slot but often this style of paying out creates frequent wins, even if they can be much lower for finding more symbols than you would in a standard payline.

High volatility slots

Even though there are a range of slots that use the grid mechanics, the ones from Play'n GO tend to be on the higher variance side, meaning the big wins can take a while to hit, but can pay up to around 5,000x your bet depending on the game.

Often contain bonus games

As the cluster pays don't tend to pay much, they often feature bonus games like free spins, or bonus features like cascading reels, walking wild, increasing multipliers and win boosts.

Each game is different

There are no set rules that we can find to define what is a grid slot. Each provider offers something different, varying numbers of rows and reels, features and sometimes they way that they pay creating a new experience every time.

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