What winning slot strategies are there for better odds?

There’s no guaranteed slot strategy to win big. Lady luck is a fickle creature and will spread her luck far and wide when she feels like it. However, there are a few ways in which you can help yourself prolong your entertainment and slots session.

Pick the right machines for your budget

Taking the time to get to know the slot machines that you want to play on is key in making sure that you make the most of your real money bets. You can do this either through reading slot reviews like you’ll find here at or take a good look at the paytable before you play.

Knowing the variance or volatility of a machine along with the return to player rate will give you a good insight in to how often you can expect to win in the base game and how much you can win in the bonus games. This can help you set a strategy to bet more or less during your game play in the hopes of increasing your wins.

A higher return to player rate like 96 – 97% will give you plenty of action and a better chance of creating winning combinations. Try to stay away from low return to player rate machines unless they are hiding huge wins and you have the budget and patience to go hunting for them.

Set yourself betting goals

One way to come out on top when playing slots online is via setting yourself some goals. Keep track of how much you started your session with, how much you’ve won and how much you’ve lost. It’s good to know that if you win big you save some so that you can continue on another day with a bigger budget or try some different slots that you wouldn’t usually afford to.

Many winners stories start off with ‘Dave’ was playing at a conservative 0.20 bet won a few thousand and then increased his bet. Or moved on from playing a low variance slot to a higher variance game.

Ignore the myths of hot and cold slot machines

Gamblers like to think that there is a method to the madness of random number generators that are used in the slots online. And with this many like to believe that if a casino slot machine hasn’t paid out in a while (a cold slot) then it must be about time that it does.

On the flip side of that you have the hot machines that have a trend of paying out and therefore will continue to payout for a little while after.

Both of these theories are pure myths. The scrutinisation and screening that the games go through in order to make sure that they are completely random and fair means that hot and cold slot machines can’t occur.

If a machine pays out is random and will continue to be it might just be luck that you finally get a streak of winning combinations rather than anything else.

Potential slot strategies to give a go

Raise your bets till you win

  • Raise your bet on a losing spin by one increment of the betting amount
  • You will need to take care of the maximum you want to bet and don’t go over that
  • When you win you reset your bet back to the starting point and repeat

Raise bets on a win until you lose

  • Pretty much the reverse of the one above
  • You raise your bets on every spin that you win by one increment
  • Set your maximum budget you don’t want to go over
  • And then when you encounter a losing spin you reset the budget back to the beginning and repeat

Raise your bet after consecutive losses

  • This strategy takes in to account the chance of getting a win
  • On every 3 or 5 consecutive losses you simply raise your bet up one or two increments
  • As a win is potentially due you aim to get a win bigger
  • After a win you reset your budget back to your starting bet again and repeat

Other slots strategies could include betting less up until the point at which you believe the bonus games will hit and then start betting more, but of course stick to your budget, you will need to know the games like the back of your hand to try this though.

At the end of the day the more you play, the more you try different things you’ll know doubt come up with your own strategies along the way. Both knowledge and money management can stop you from losing lots but remember there’s no guarantee when playing slots on mobile or online.

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